Information and Communication Technology

ICT Laboratories

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) :The School has 2 ICT labs. All computers are equipped with multimedia kits and interconnected nodes with internet facilities. Technology is used to make teaching and learning meaningful and fun. ICT is well integrated into all subject areas. New technology tools like 65 inch smart TVs have been installed in all year 13 classrooms to promote Digital Learning. ICT laboratories which are equipped with computers and a number of peripherals so that each student has a machine to himself. The laboratories are used to support the teaching of ICT, beginning as early as Year 9..

TFL Fibre Implementation

To keep our students abreast with the world around them, the school has state of the art WIFI system for Internet browsing.

Telecom Fiji has completed the groundwork for Fiber to School. We await the reopening of schools to sign up for a plan to complete the Fiber Internet implementation to deliver uninterrupted internet connectivity to our school labs, smart TVs in teaching rooms and staff rooms.