The Publication Committee

Chairperson - Reginald Gani (HOD Computer Studies)

Mrs. Sima Kumar

Mrs. Surita Chaudhary (HOD Languages)

Mrs. Sheetal Shivani

The Publication Committee is responsible for generating all printed - paper and digital communication for the information of staff, students, parents and other stakeholders. They oversee the production of the school Newsletter, the school Website, the school Facebook Page, and the school Instagram Account.

Under the guidance of the Vice Principal and the instruction of the Principal, the Committee was tasked with replacing the old website with something fresh. The website is yet another step towards digitizing interaction here at Vunimono High School. We have already set out on a Digital Learning journey with Smart TVs in Year 13, unique email addresses for each VHS student upon enrollment and Google Classroom to provide an electronic platform for all subjects to share their class resources. Google Meet is being used by teachers to stream classes online during these trying times.

This website is the result of so many hours of commitment by the committee members. The bulk of the layout, content and editing was done by Mrs. Sheetal Shivani. She also does all photography for the school.

Also assisting were Mr. Reginald Gani (HOD Computer Studies), Mrs. Surita Chaudhry (HOD Languages Department) and Mrs. Sima Kumar (Languages Department).

Stay with us as we take greater steps to bringing in modern innovations to assist us better our interactions with your children and you. Be certain that we would share all events and achievements on this website so that you all can celebrate with us.

Reginald Gani