Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment FAQs

How can I obtain an application to Vunimono High School?

The school application is made through the school office. If you are a student currently attending Year 8 in a primary school within the school zone, you will be advised of an assigned day(s) for enrolment from your primary school office. These schedules are used to avoid over-crowding in school during enrolment. Your primary school office should also advise you of the documents required for enrolment. You are most welcome to seek assistance from Vunimono High School office.

If you are a current Secondary school student interested in applying to Year 10 to Year 13, you may request an application from the Vunimono High School office. In these cases, first, do visit please visit the school office for discussions with the Principal regarding availability of spaces and subject combinations before an application form would be given to you. In addition to relevant enrolment documents, we also require clearance forms, transfers letters, coverage checks and evidence of project progress.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline set by the Office of Student Enrollment in VHS is in early December, but please contact the office for the application deadline.

Can students who live outside of Nausori apply?

Yes, but we give first priority to students who live or attend school in Nausori, then to students who live or attend school in the rest of Fiji.

What if I have more than 10 combined absences or tardiness?

We will take medical issues and family crises into consideration. Please make sure the counselor/ Year Teacher has proper documentation (i.e. doctor's note) for your absences or tardiness before you submit your application.

Do I need to take an entrance examination?


How can get I get more information on Vunimono High School if I don’t have a chance to visit the school?

Visit our website! You can find information on our mission, faculty, curriculum, after school programs, and much more. Please check our entire drop down menus.

We are working to make this website easier to access for people. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Principal Anil Kumar Prasad to request assistance.