Principal's Message for School Re-opening 2021

(Posted 29th OCTOBER 2021)

Welcome back Year 12 and 13 students!

Welcome to Vunimono. If you are returning to school, we are thrilled to welcome you back. Staff is excited about beginning this new unconventional school term and working with you and your children. I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with you and your children during these unique times.

Dear Parents and Guardians, help your child to remember the ways that YOU have successfully handled hardships in the past and help them understand that these experiences strengthen their character preparing them for future challenges. An optimistic and positive outlook enables your child to see good things in life and keep going even in the hardest times. Appreciate and acknowledge their accomplishments. For I believe sprouted in the fire, does not wither away in the Sun! This is not the first pandemic outbreak in human history. By working together, we can ensure that all our students, your children, receive an excellent education and have a wonderful experience during their time at Vunimono High School.

We have had a busy break with our management and teachers busy getting the school ready for the return of our students. Our talented and dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been showing their care and concern for the students working from home preparing notes and engaging classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academia.

We are redistributing our current teaching load and timetable to allow us to somewhat cohort our students and staff to make Vunimono High School as safe and welcoming as possible during these unique times with the Covid‐19 pandemic. Classrooms/ Teachers Work places have been cleaned, sanitized and the classrooms have been reorganized to get ready for our amazing students and make sure they are safe.

November is an exciting time for the returning Year 12 and 13 students especially now coming back from the restrictions we had previously gone through this year to a somewhat restricted reduced student numbers. Teachers are also excited to see their students again face to face.

All of us are embarking upon a new school term with a lot of changes but also with eagerness and anticipation to be back. We are looking to forge new routines, and learn how to cope with these changes. Vunimono High School is a safe and caring learning community that values parental input be that in person or electronically. We work together with our families to make sure we are making the absolute best educational decisions for your children. Teachers will keep you informed of classroom activities and write classroom newsletters regularly.

At regular intervals the “Vunimono Vine” our Newsletter, is posted on our website, handed out to the students present and will be emailed out to the rest of the non-returning students and other stake holders to keep you informed of school news, events, and meeting dates. Together with this our official Social Media accounts, namely our official Facebook and Instagram accounts are live and almost daily updates or the more pressing matters are posted here.

Please feel free to phone or email the school to share your ideas on how to best help your child be successful, or with any concerns in the classroom. Thank you for engaging with us to make Vunimono High School such a wonderful place to learn, grow and prepare our student to have an amazing future.

COVID-19 with its sudden upheavals has changed our routines and lifestyles. Each one of us and the entire world is affected by the Corona virus Pandemic. This pandemic has accelerated existential issues like acute individual loneliness in the wake of lockdowns and quarantine or isolation, disturbances of social life, contaminating the interpersonal space with distrust of each other; in short our entire way of life is adversely affected by the scare of COVID- 19 and has created new psychological situation for people. It has shaken the economy of the country enormously and its consequences are experienced by our families, communities and our entire way of life. Above all the anxiety aggravated by fear of fatalities.

We understand the challenges faced by the students, parents and the teachers to cater to the academic needs during closure of school and adapting to virtual learning. However the importance of education remains consistent. We need to be prepared to take life ahead with all our normal activities according to the new normal.

I look forward to meeting all of you. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to discuss, please feel free to call me at the school or schedule an appointment. Again, welcome to Vunimono High School and thank you for entrusting your children to us! I am looking forward to having a great term of learning with all of you.

Mr. Anil Kumar Prasad