School Staff

The Dynamic Staff of Vunimono High School.

Welcome to Vunimono High School’s website which we hope you find informative. To keep up to date with future events, please read the information on our calendar and /or follow us on our Facebook page.

At our school we want our children to be happy, resilient and develop a thirst for learning. This is at the heart of our school. We believe that learning is a personal, rigorous and continuous process where connections are made and strengthened so that we gain more knowledge, improve our skills and deepen our understanding. By developing our personal goals, purposeful thinking, experience, enquiry and enjoyment we are prepared for our future careers and life’s challenges.

We have an outstanding group of Teachers who are passionate about the learning and well- being of children in their care. We welcome you to our school. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit.