It is the largest department in the school with 14 staff. All the staffs are fully qualified and competent to take on the task of offering 3 different languages in the school at all levels. We offer 26 streams of English which is the medium of communication in our school. 5 streams of Hindi is offered to students and 7 streams of Vosa Vakaviti at all levels. Apart from the normal curriculum the department also undertakes various other extra curricular activities that are organized throughout the year.

Mathematics/ Physics

Mathematics is important for success in life as it is all around us. Thus, the Mathematics & Physics department enthusiastically offers Mathematics to the students of Years 9 -13 and Physics from Years 11-13.

Social Sciences

The Social Science department at Vunimono High School offers Social Science as one of the compulsory subjects to the students of Years 9 and 10. Other subjects managed by the department include History and Geography, offered as optional subjects to students of Years 11-13.


In today's day and age it is compulsory for everyone to have a basic understanding of computers. Here at VHS our two dynamic teachers are responsible to make this possible. We offer the lower streams compulsory co-computer classes and fully fledged optional computer classes at the higher levels.


With a team of dedicated staff, the Science team is committed to provide Basic Science as a compulsory subject in Years 9 and 10. From Year 11-13, students who opt for a career in Science are offered Chemistry and Biology.


This department stands proudly tall with 7 dynamic staff. We offer commercial studies at test 9 and 10 as a compulsory subject for students. Students are taught a life long skill of banking and enterprising here. From year 11 onwards the department branches out into accounting and economics. Quite a huge percentage of students enroll in these subjects every year.

Industrial Arts

This department has 5 dynamic teachers who offer subjects like basic technology at years

9 and 10 , technical drawing and applied technology from years 11 onwards. Apart from theory students also enjoy practical classes and work on technology projects.


This is a dynamic department with 5 very hardworking staff. The school offers the subject agricultural science at all levels. All the staff are fully qualified and competent in their field. They take students through theoretical as well as practical classes where students are taught farming and enterprising at all levels. Students learn a life long skill by enrolling in this subject.

Office Technology

Office Technology equips students with clerical and administrative skills and is offered as an optional subject from Years 9 – 13. The department is committed to prepare students for modern office careers.

Home Economics

This technical subject has 3 teachers who take students through home economics classes at lower levels and food and nutrition classes at upper levels. This department offers theoretical and practical classes both where students learn cooking, sewing and resource management.

P. E. M. A. C.

Together with academic excellence, Vunimono High School is committed to achieve success in the sports arena. The PEMAC department offers Physical Education, Music, Art & Craft to the junior students and physical education to the seniors on a weekly basis. Together with their physical well-being, students also get an opportunity to showcase their talents in arts and music.


All educational institution need teachers to function, but the ancillary staff are the one's who make the basic functions of these institution run smoothly. These are the people who run the public relations and manage the financial aspects of our organization.