School History

About Us

Founded in 1916, the mission of Vunimono High School is to prepare students for college and career success through a rigorous academic program driven by project, exam and experiential learning in a diverse, inclusive learning environment.

VHS currently houses a little over 1000 students and offers a number of unique programs and support systems to ensure that every student receives extensive individualized support throughout their high school career. Teachers are available every day in school for academic support. The government of Fiji and School Leadership Team support the school’s growth through fundraising and a range of initiatives and partnerships.

All Vunimono High School students are offered a range of Subjects to better prepare them for the outside world. There are activities for homework with strong emphasis on writing and research within the school curricula, fostering students’ understanding of complicated narratives as they learn how to write traditional literary analysis papers. VHS students graduate with credits recognized by all universities and are encouraged to pursue higher education

Founder's History

Sadhu Girwar Dass Mahant was originally from India and came to Fiji during the indenture system, to work as an indentured laborer. The growth of the sugar industry led to an increase in the arrival of Indians in the nineteenth century.

Sadhuji, who was a religious and cultural person, started the establishment of the “Dharam Shala” at Vunimono in 1912.

The “Dharam Shala” started off as a school with the mission of providing the girls education. The school was registered as Vunimono Sanatan Dharam Primary School, in 1916. Sadhuji was a committed, diligent worker and his love for his culture and religion saw the Dharam Shala to develop as the center for the celebration of the religious Indian festivals.

Sadhuji’s vision has led to the foundation of the Sanatan Dharam Mahamandal.